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Special Features of Maison Visavis

Maison Visavis

Special Features of the Maison Visavis

Our house offers a variety of special features that will tailor your private or business event to perfection.

Automated ventilation and air conditioning

Maison Visavis features a fully automated ventilation and air conditioning system that ensures a pleasant indoor atmosphere throughout the year.

Accessibility through an integrated elevator

The entire building is wheelchair accessible, and each floor is easily accessible via an elevator.

Interactive screens

Maison Visavis offers a large touchscreen in each of the two rooms. These screens can be used for presentations in seminars, meetings, conferences, and more, as well as for slideshows during various events.

Perfectly designed room acoustics

Each room is equipped with a professional sound system that can be operated through multiple connection options.

Professional industrial kitchen

The ground floor features an industrial kitchen, including a cold storage room. It can be used by any caterer for food preparation.

Catering service

To provide you with the best possible culinary experience, we allow our customers the freedom to choose their own caterer.


There is Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the entire house, which can be activated upon request. Additionally, on the Beletage, there is the option to connect directly to the internet using a network cable.

80 car parking spaces

There are 80 car parking spaces available on the Maison Visavis premises, which are provided free of charge for you and your guests during any event.

Outdoor area

The enclosed garden area features a 120m² terrace, a small children's playground, and a lawn area that can accommodate a tent or a bouncy castle.

Maison Visavis

Maison Visavis offers two venues
that can be rented for your event.

Coeur de Maison 
Our Coeur de Maison, including the outdoor area, is available for all major events.

If you prefer something smaller, the first floor offers a wonderful alternative. It also serves as a seminar, conference, or meeting room for various corporate clients.

Maison Visavis

Drop-off option at the main entrance

We offer the unique opportunity to arrive with your wedding carriage or wedding car right up to the entrance of Maison Visavis.