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Maison Visavis

Here you will find frequently-asked questions and information about the venue
Is the venue accessible barrier-free?
Yes, the venue is barrier-free and has its own barrier-free toilet on each of the two floors. A lift is available for guests with a disability and wheelchair users for access the upper event rooms.
What spaces does Maison Visavis offer?
How many people can the event venue accommodate?
How can the venue be reached?
Maison Visavis can be reached:

  • By car: via the E40 motorway coming from Aachen/Liège, exit Raeren/Hauset/Eynatten
  • By bus: lines 14/722 coming from Eupen and bus line 14 coming from Aachen.
    Bus stop: Eynatten Dorf
Is there an outdoor area, such as a terrace, that one can use?


What Maison Visavis has to offer
Is there an air conditioning and ventilation system?
The Maison Visavis venue is equipped with an air-conditioning/ventilation system so that we can create an individual feel-good climate for your event at any time of year.
Is there a kitchen?
Are there enough parking spaces?
Is there any overnight accommodation?
Are there play facilities for the children?
Yes, there is a play area for children outside the venue.
Is there a cloakroom?
Is there a spacious refrigerator for the wedding cake?

Outdoor area

Use and stay
Where is smoking allowed?
Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
Can one party outside in the evening?
Where can I set up a bouncy castle?
A bouncy castle can be set up in the garden area of Maison Visavis by prior agreement with us.
Can one also organise a non-conventional wedding ceremony?

Service providers

Questions about caterers, DJs, decorators, photographers, etc.
How about the catering? It is organised by the wedding venue, or can an external caterer be brought in?
Maison Visavis will provide you with high-quality drinks at your event. We leave you free to choose your own caterer.
Is there enough space for a buffet?
Can I bring my own DJ?
Do you have a music system and a possibility for the DJ to set up their equipment?
What about dismantling?
Can wedding planners, florists, decorators, etc., also set up their own décor?
There are several options:
  • Bringing your own decorations Commissioning a florist/decorator/relative, etc.
  • Putting together your decorations, delivering them to us with a photo of how you want them placed and we can place them for an additional charge.

Since a supervisor must be present for every option a fee will be charged. It is possible to decorate free-of-charge following by prior agreement before the event.
Which decorative items are not permitted?
Is decorating the walls and the ceiling oneself permitted?
When must the celebration decorations be cleared up?
Could you recommend a wedding photographer or camera man?

Rates & Prices

Please contact us for enquiries on rates or individual prices!
Is there an extra charge for disposing of waste?
No, there are no extra charges for waste disposal.
Are there separate cleaning costs?
Are there any hidden costs?


Information on the meeting rooms
It is possible to only rent out the meeting room and bring one’s own food?
Bringing your own food is not allowed. Our catering partners will be happy to provide an individual cost offer.
Do you have a separate break room / dining room for meeting guests?
Are the meeting rooms barrier-free?
Yes, all the rooms in Maison Visavis are completely accessible barrier-free. There is a lift to the top floor.
Is there a W-LAN connection in the meeting rooms?


General information on the location
Is there a contact person on site during the entire celebration who is familiar with both the event planning and the technology?
Of course, there will be a contact person at your side throughout your event.
Do you arrange viewing appointments or can I just drop by?
When can deliveries & collections take place?
Do I have to do the final clean of the rented room?
The Maison Visavis will take care of the final clean of the room after the event. The cost for this is already listed in the offer.
When is the venue to be handed over after the event?
Can one host a champagne reception?
Are fireworks and sparklers permitted?
Can one bring beverages?